Creative Strategies

Founded in 2014 as a two person graphic design co., Black Ink has grown into a full service visual communications, integrated marketing, branding, & multi-media design company providing a wide range of services in creative strategies.  The company is staffed by a highly experienced and talented group of multigenerational and multicultural professionals whose mission is to be disruptors in an ever and constantly changing environment.

Each team member’s individual experience ranges from 10 years to more than 30 years.

We believe in producing 100% original content.  No stock art, photos or video where possible, but if you have the budget to dive with Great White sharks, we’re all in.  We like going so far as to design the fake staples in a graphic, shoot greenscreen, stage products in a full setting.  We prefer to draw and paint, strap the camera on our backs and jump, fly our own drones, and be on the ground in your neighborhood.

Our commitment is to creating one of a kind work for our clients that no one else can use or license.  In many cases it is more cost effective than paying for use licenses and certainly more stand out when the work isn’t found anywhere else.

We pride ourselves on being creative lateral thinkers and out-of-the-box actors.  Our goal is to continue to grow and evolve with the market so we keep our clients relevant.  We believe status quo ideas yield status quo results. We’re not interested in copying others or doing the least amount of work possible. We prefer to break from the pack.

"An expert is someone who has made all the mistakes possible in a very narrow field" ~ Niels Bohr

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