Visual communications does not cover just creating graphic designs for print and digital, it encompasses a wide range of visual creation to convey the message, and often these skill sets, talents, training and creativity cross over from one area to another.  Graphic designers create assets for web, digital designers create user experiences, typographers work on graphics for video, photographers supply assets to designers and the list goes on.


Our pricing models vary as well.  We offer various models for various services, whether it's ala carte pricing, package pricing, or taking advantage of our virtual department pricing, we fit the needs of all market segments, from start-up to national corporations in the U.S. & Canada.

Ala Carte Pricing Model


Ala Carte is for the one off project.  No long term contracts.  Simple design to larger branding projects, marketing collateral to ad campaigns. Web design, photography, one off pieces,  This model allows for you to pay for only the services and products you need, great for start-ups and small businesses that aren't ready for large campaigns and projects.

Retainer Pricing Model


This pricing model is for those who are not exactly sure when they will need services or what specifically they may need, but want the security of knowing they have a team on stand-by to meet those needs.  Great for a start-up or small business that wants to keep budgets low and still have the assurances that they will get their marketing collateral, web graphics, social media marketing or photography done professionally and with the same quality as a design department or design contract.

Package Pricing Model


When ala carte becomes too expensive, and you need more value for your dollar, package pricing is the best choice.


A combination of services, campaigns and needs at a discounted rate.  This model serves larger businesses that need more design services simultaneously across a wider ranger of media outlets.  Great for businesses or companies that know exactly what they want and want the cohesion of a solid marketing and design campaign.

All our pricing models offer both remote and partial on-site design.  They always include all original art, design, and photography. Each model can be customized to meet your small business or large corporate needs.


For more information please contact us, we will be happy to go over all the details with you based on your specific design, advertising, and marketing needs.

Virtual Department Pricing Model


This is a cost effective choice for any business that would like to save money over their existing internal design and marketing department or any business that can't afford a whole staff on payroll.


If you are paying one designer an average of $50,000 per year, you can expect to pay an additional, average cost of $16,000.  These taxes, benefits, and required expenses can add up as salaries increase and a department grows.


For the cost of an annual salary, without all the tax related and personnel related expenses, our Virtual Department pricing model provides the full benefits of a team department for the cost of a single employee, & allows for more affordable payments for services.


This choice also results in an expense line item, which offsets your annual revenue come tax time.  Talk to your accountant to see how this model benefits you.

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